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This blog serves to help me take stock of stuff that I do that take me away from work.  Yeah, we all have to work, but what’s the point of work if we don’t use the fruits of our labour to enjoy life?  I don’t really see the purpose of working just so we can have a big bank account to retire to.  It’s kinda depressing to think that work is simply to make money for when we can’t work anymore. :-S

So this blog will rarely ever mention my work.   You’ll read lots about my hobbies and my travels.

My main hobby discussed here will be my love for Lego and other construction toys like Nanoblocks.   I collect the Lego Star Wars series though lately, the sets are not very interesting.  Have been building the Nanoblock Tintin series and loving it!

landmarks 20130810_143849tin02b

When I travel, I basically need a balance of city life & nature.  I’m not really the kind who will go hiking through a third world country or a nature reserve for days.  While I do enjoy those, I need it to be near or start/end at a nice big city.  So countries like Japan, US (and now Taiwan) are some of my favourites!  I don’t really like Europe (mainly old buildings to me)  though I have grown to like London.  Never really visited the Middle East or other countries in Asia like Turkey, etc and I also don’t really like China.  Oh, for short getaways, I do like beaches like Bali, Krabi & Koh Samui. 🙂  Don’t need a big city coz I’ll be back home in Singapore in no time.

DSCN3030 Pic1 Pic2 Pic3

So that’s that for an intro.  For those of you who share all or some of my hobbies, hope you can find info here that might help you enjoy your hobbies more.

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